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pup from trailer copySummer of the Wolves has a life of its own.  It was a nominee for the South Carolina Book Award. and now has been nominated for the Maude Hart Lovelace Book Award in two divisions, the 3rd to 5th grade category and also in the 6th thought 8th division.  How did that happen?  As a result a wonderful little promotions video was made by the South Carolina Book Award promoters that you can watch by clicking here.

SOTW was also a nominee for the Delta Kappa Gamma Society’s Jeanette Fair Book Award.  Delta Kappa Gamma Society is a professional, honorary  Society of Women Educators. The Society promotes professional and personal growth of its members and excellence  in education.  What an honor to be nominated.  We are hoping the nominations will open up some opportunities for the book to be used, as intended, in classrooms!   The free Common Core Teacher’s Guide (see below) has been used very successfully in Minnesota schools.  More about that soon@


This cross-curricular guide for grades 5 – 7 makes it easy to meet your required standards in Reading,
Science and Language Arts while exploring SUMMER OF THE WOLVES!  Many objective adapt easily to grade 4 or for older grades.  Download the 60 page guide for free. 
(I do sell printed copies at cost for $10 plus shipping.)
Click for Free Common Core Teacher’s Guide for Summer of the Wolves
Save the PDF copy to your computer and print as needed.

See New Posting: (click blue link…)

Read More About Wolves

maya by pond

This is a list of non-fiction books for young people

of all ages about wolves. If you have a suggestion for

a book to be added, please contact me.

A little about me:

    I am an author/illuPCV brand thumbstrator, a nature lover, a wilderness lover, a wife and mother, a book lover,   a retired teacher…  as least those are some of the things I do; who can say what a person “is.”  My dream is to have my books in libraries everywhere where children, parents, grandparents and teachers will use them to pursue and deepen a love for the remaining wilderness and the natural world.

 I have built upon those  values  in my second book Summer of the Wolves was  released by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt on May 5th, 2012.  (which would have been my belated mother’s 100th birthday!)   It is a novel written for ages 10 and older, a story about a young girl whose encounter with wolves in the northern woods leads her unexpectedly to surprising discoveries about herself.  I have provided a readers’ discussion guide to help readers share their thoughts about the issues in the book.

 Those values also compelled me to write and illustrate Someone Walks By, The Wonders of Winter Wildlife published by Raven Productions, Inc. That is also why I put an extensive curriculum guide on the publisher’s website at www.ravenwords.com.  We know that children who spend time in nature and those involved with the arts also do better academically, so lets let others know, too!

I would love to continue to connect with others involved in the creation of art and writing for children.  I admire and respect each person doing what they can to learn about and share the beauty of the natural world.  It is the natural world we must preserve, since it is the natural world we all depend upon.  There is so much to learn.  I hope we  can be  resources for each other.

Contact Polly  at  someonewalksby@gmail.com


11 Responses to “Polly’s Home Page”

  1. Diane Seegers Says:

    This is a splendid page about you and your values of nature. I applaude you and your love and appreciation of nature and conserving it for future generations to immerse themselves into it.

  2. molly whipple Says:

    Congratulations on your amazing books and your success aunt Polly! I look forward to reading your latest book with my oldest son. XO-Molly

  3. Paul McNear Says:

    Can’t wait to read SUMMER OF THE WOLVES!
    Another great bunch of writing to be sure!

  4. JCanoe Says:

    I’ll be looking for either of these books to give to my small grand-nephews (~6 / ~4). May have to hold onto them for a year or two…or just put myself to rest at night by reading them in bed. Might beat “Invitation to a Beheading” by Nabokov, but not “Dark Dreaming, Global Dimming” by Joe Paddock.
    …a splash of the paddle to ya!

  5. Jill Owen Says:

    I am happy to see this new book is out! I have ordered it and will read it as soon as I get it! Thanks!
    Love, Jill Owen

    • mooselilies Says:

      Hey Jill, FYI Polly has a new Facebook page, if you are into that sort of thing. Glad to see you found the Blog site. Exciting times for her with the writing.
      I hope all is well with you and yours! My how time flies!

  6. Diana J. Cox Says:

    I just finished your wonderfully written book, Summer of The Wolves and thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad to have finished it but could not put it down. I can totally see this book becoming a movie!!! I thought the characters were really well fleshed out and I got close to all them especially the main one, Nika. Please consider making this book into a movie. I would love to see it!!
    Your devoted reader! Diana Cox who lives in Greenville, SC
    Do you recommend anymore like this?

    • mooselilies Says:


      Thanks for your great note! And thanks for the suggestion that you would like to see Nika in a movie! That would be wonderful. I am working on a 2nd Nika book but can’t say when it will be published. It takes place in the winter with a few new characters, wild and human.

      Here is a small list of some books I’ve enjoyed (not all with wolves.) You may have already read some of these, but if not, I hope you enjoy them. Several of these writers have been an inspiration for me. Here they are:

      LARA’S GIFT, by Annemarie O’Brien
      THUNDER FROM THE SEA, by Joan Hiatt Harlow
      KENSUKE’S KINGDOM, by Michael Morpurgo
      THE LAST WOLF OF IRELAND, Elona Malteere
      JULIE OF THE WOLVES, Jean Craighead George

      Thanks again for your note. Hearing from readers is one of the best things about writing books.

      Read on, Best Wishes, Polly Carlson-Voiles

  7. Mason Says:

    Hi we are reading your book in class.It is a good book.we are a little past haph way.

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